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OSV Decarbonisation Forum


  • Attendance at forum meetings/events is entirely at the discretion of individuals/companies which attend. Individuals who attend will be asked to register their attendance

  • Forum events are closed-door and participants are asked to refrain from recording and/or circulating information or opinions with external parties, unless specifically agreed (Chatham House Rules)

  • Members of the forum are encouraged to participate and contribute to joint objectives

  • Outcomes should be in the form of recommendations - attendance at the forum does not imply commitment to any particular course of actionoFocus of the forum is on achieving decarbonisation cooperation across the sector – it will not engage in activities other than in pursuit of this goal

  • Competition Law Compliance by the Forum is essential; ISOA’s Competition Law Compliance Policy is put forward as a template to cover this Forum meeting, and any follow up activity

  • ISOA is willing to handle the basic admin of the Forum – maintaining lists of attendees (in accordance with GDPR requirements), circulating papers, calling meetings, etc. as agreed

  • If the Forum agrees to set up individual work streams, support in providing resources to co-ordinate such work streams will be needed – other trade associations can provide support




ISOA, 8 February 2024

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