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OSV Decarbonisation Forum


Q1 & Q2 2024, two project teams


Data-& reporting standardisation


Data-& reporting standardisation follow from Principle 10 of the OSV Decarbonisation Principles: “Performance data should be transparent and shared in a standardised format, ensuring credibility and ease of access’’.


Objective: develop an OSV sector Data- & Reporting Standard (Version 1.0), supported by charterers, owners and other stakeholders, by further shaping and developing existing OSV sector data- & reporting standards.



Behavioural based decarbonisation


Behavioural based decarbonisation is one of the key drivers to achieve the objectives as set by Principe 3 ‘’vessel shoreside management, sailing offices and crew should be trained regularly in operational emissions mitigation, so as to promote a culture of environmental accountability, since they are instrumental in ensuring energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.’’ & Principle 4 ‘’There should be close collaboration between the vessel owner and the charterer to reduce ‘hurry up and wait’ logistics 


Objective: develop OSV sector behavioural based decarbonisation guidelines to promote environmental accountability and enhance decarbonisation collaboration between people involved in offshore vessel operations.



ISOA, 29 February 2024

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