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Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Decarbonisation Forum

Who:  vessel owners & charterers, authorities, other stakeholders and representing associations

Why:  to further reduce our OSV carbon footprint basis a common agenda and cooperation

How:  by clarity on objectives, together defining & taking actions, and sharing best practices

Global & local:  covering global sector matters and regional-local priorities

How we work:

  • An informal conversation group where we discuss ways forward to decarbonise the OSV Sector

  • Participants are Owners/Operators, Charterers, Trade Associations, other stakeholders who can play a part in meeting the group’s objectives

  • No formal structure or membership criteria – a loose association of those with a common interest

Our objectives:

  • Starting point: OSV 10 Decarbonisation Principles

  • Identify areas where collaborative work would make a difference in making progress on the individual principles and decarbonisation of the OSV Sector

  • Decide on how to make co-operation work and progress accordingly

  • Achieve outcomes which will make a difference


Collaboration approach:

  • Welcoming OSV sector participants

  • The Forum as an ongoing meeting point (virtually and/or in person)

  • Set up working groups, with leadership and support, to address particular topics

  • Measure and report on success

ISOA, 8 February 2024

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