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International Support Vessel Owners Association​

Latest News

ISOA Annual Meeting 10 February 2023, London

This was ISOA’s first in person meeting since 2020, due to the difficulties with international travel during the pandemic.


Presentations were made by guest speakers on the following subjects of topical interest:

  • ​Market Conditions in the Offshore Support Sector 

Stephen Gordon, Managing Director, Clarkson Research Services made a presentation on ‘Market Conditions in the Offshore Support Sector’.

  • ​ Decarbonisation of the Offshore Sector

Margaret Fitzgerald Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, IMCA, made a presentation on Decarbonisation of the Offshore Sector which covered developments on regulation of greenhouse gas emissions at IMO, and the agreement by the EU to bring shipping (including offshore ships) into its Emission Trading System (EU ETS).

  • ​Decarbonisation and Digitisation in the Offshore Sector 

Arnstein Eknes,  Segment Director – OSV & Special Ships, DNV made a presentation covering aspects of Decarbonisation and Digitisation in the Offshore Sector

  • ​Data Standards and Data Collaboration in the OSV Sector

Kris Vedat, Head of Technology and Logistics, P & O Maritime Logistics made a presentation on Data Standards and Data Collaboration. It was agreed that establishing common data standards for the offshore sector was a vital precursor to data collaboration and collection, and ISOA should give further thought to how these standards could be established

Review of BIMCO SUPPLYTIME charter party

ISOA was represented on BIMCO’s sub-committee which reviewed and updated the 2005 version of SUPPLYTIME.


ISOA’s objective was to achieve a balanced document so as to be acceptable to both owners and charterers, and to ensure the document was updated to reflect current practice.​


The sub-committee submitted a final draft of the updated SUPPLYTIME charterparty, which was approved by BIMCO's Documentary Committee in June 2017.​


​The text of the new document ‘SUPPLYTIME 2017’ is available at:

Training and Certification for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPOs) 

ISOA takes an active interest in the industry led schemes for the training and certification of DPOs to ensure that the industry has an adequate supply of trained and experienced DPOs.​


Currently, the scheme which is most used in the industry is that run by the Nautical Institute, and  ISOA is a member of the Nautical Institute’s ‘Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group’ (DPTEG)  which is responsible for setting the standards for accreditation of training centres, and for setting the requirements for certification. DTPEG also advises the NI on the management of the scheme.


The content of the NI Scheme was reviewed in 2013/2014, and new rules/requirements were implemented as from 1 January 2015. ISOA played an active role in that review process.​


ISOA has set up a ‘DP Expert Group’ of specialists from its members who advise the secretariat and agree ISOA’s approach on issues concerning DPO Training and Certification.​


​There have two recent enhancements to the NI Scheme, which ISOA has been actively involved in developing:

  • ​A CPD programme to be undertaken by DPOs who revalidate their certificates via ​the completion of 150 days DP Sea Time over 5 years. The CPD modules need to be completed over the five year period. This requirement is being phased in progressively from 2024.

  • ​A Training and Certification Scheme for Key Technical DP Personnel​


​Full details of the NI Training and Certification Scheme can be found at

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