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International Support Vessel Owners Association​

Office Bearers


A President and Vice-President are elected by members each year at the ISOA General Meeting.

The current office bearers are:

President: Martin Helweg (P and O Maritime Logistics)

Vice-President: Captain Mohamed Al Ali (Adnoc Logistics & Services)

An Executive Committee is elected each year, which is responsible for overseeing the business of ISOA. The current members of the Executive Committee (in addition to the President and Vice-President) are:

  • Rodolphe Bouchet (Bourbon) 

  • John Gellert (Seacor) 

  • Rory Deans (Sentinel) 

  • David Darling (Tidewater)


The day to day running of ISOA is the responsibility of the Secretary.  Jan-Piet Baars is the current Secretary since his take over in September 2023.  

Support services are provided by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

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