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International Support Vessel Owners Association​



ISOA is the international trade association for owners/operators of support vessels in the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.


ISOA’s objective is to promote best practice within its sector of the industry, with particular focus on safety & sustainability, innovation, application of consistent and practical best standards – whether through regulation or industry promoted schemes, together with the welfare and training of seafarers who are employed in the sector. ISOA provides a forum where its members can discuss these common interests and engage with industry stakeholders to drive improvements.



ISOA shall promote and protect the interests of its members by co-ordinating and representing the objectives of offshore support vessel operators in respect of any matters affecting the offshore support vessel industry. To this end, ISOA shall, inter alia:​

  • Communicate to its members on a regular basis matters of importance affecting the offshore support vessel industry

  • Monitor prejudicial treatment of the offshore support vessel industry by governments, authorities or other bodies and assist members in investigating and, where appropriate, taking action against any such prejudicial treatment

  • Provide a forum for discussion of the prevailing standards and conditions in the offshore industry, facilitate joint conversations and projects to achieve set goals 

  • Support members and the offshore sector as a whole in driving the agenda for decarbonisation;  support discussions among stakeholders; develop systems to monitor and report on progress against agreed goals

  • Communicate, as appropriate, the views of members in respect of safe working practices and training of seafarers and other matters of importance in the offshore support vessel industry

  • Take all such steps as may from time to time be appropriate in the interests of its members.

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